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Permobil F5VS

We provide only the finest quality wheelchairs 

Permobil Standing

FNQ Mobility


Specialist supplier

Permobil F5

FNQ Mobility is the proud distributor of Medifab & Spex quality products


Pressure Mapping

The NEW Tactilus® Bodyfitter® sensor system delivers real-time surface pressure distribution between a person and their seating surface. Bringing human factors engineering to a new level, Bodyfitter® is capable of characterizing pressure magnitude of the seat surface. In the design of seating surfaces, position, density and conformity of materials is critical. Bodyfitter® not only significantly reduces the number of test iterations required, but is a revolutionary design aid towards the quest for ergonomic fit.

Pressure Mapping

Specialised Custom Adaptions

Spex Seating
Specialised modifications
Medifab Seating
Loopwheels distributor for North Queensland

Authorised Distributor 

Your True, Independent Living Specialist in North Queensland

Motion Composites
FNQ Mobility
Specialised services
FNQ Mobility wheelchair seating and modification

David Eves has been involved in high end wheelchair seating, adaption and wheelchair modification for the last 15 years. 

Involved in a motor vehicle accident himself, during rehab he realised the need for wheelchairs and other assistive technologies to be built to the individual not just off the shelf. 

His workshop is equipped with the latest in machining equipment along with sheet fabrication and TIG, MIG, MMA welding with access to CNC machining and 3D printing and scanning.  


Supplier of only the highest quality brands

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